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90 Minute Kundalini Yoga Classes - Tuesdays @ 7PM

The Yoga of Awareness

Drop in $15; 8 week pass $100; 16 week pass $160

Yoga for Emotional Clearing and Cleansing - Tues 7 to 8:30 PM

We repeat what we do not release

How well do emotions move through you?   Do you experience the lighter emotions such as joy, love, and attempt to bury the heavier emotions such as grief, anger, depression?   

Are you able to process your emotions and deal with them as they arise; or do you tend to bury them and tell yourself.'ll deal with them when you have more time?

Emotional residue can accumulate in the body over time and intensify within both the mental and physical body.   If not dealt with eventually they may erupt like a volcano all over those close to you and your loved ones.

These classes are designed to help us strip those emotions down to their root origin and cleanse and clear from our minds and bodies.  These classes will bring you back to balance to your true essence and help you reconnect to your soul.

The beauty of Kundalini Yoga is that it helps you move through and release what no longer serves you.  The choice is do you want to a state of chaos or balance?

Woman in a Yoga Pose

Private Kundalini Yoga

Upon Request

Do you want to have a class tailored to you and what you are experiencing in your life right now? 

90 minutes to focus on you with private instruction.

Kundalini Yoga Classes: Services
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