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Sukh Nidhan aims to help all of her clients live the healthiest lives they can. In order to reach this goal, she offers a variety of services to recalibrate the energy flow within your body.


Physical pain often manifests itself within the chakras before it appears in the physical body. You know how to heal yourself, you were created with all the tools, you just have to get out of your own way.  Everything is inside of you.


1 hour Reiki Session

Universal Life Force Energy

Universal Life force energy delivered through touch (hands) that activates the natural healing potential within the body to restore physical and emotional balance. 

Recalibrate the energy outside of the physical body with the energy within to work on what is no longer serving you.

Benefits include stress reduction, improved sleep, reduces blood pressure, helps relieve pain, helps cleanse the body from toxins & supports the immune system

1 hour Indian Head Massage

Ayurvedic Medicine

An ayurvedic technique that works on the whole body.  Ayurveda; which is an ancient system of natural healing, believes that the head is the gateway to healing as it contains 3 vital energy channels that can affect the entire body and improve circulation

Trio of Healing Treatments

Health Begins Here

Series of three one hour sessions, Reiki, Indian Head Massage or combination.  To be scheduled within one year of purchase. Bundle for best value.


30 minute Ayurvedic Facial

Radiance from within

Over time, your skin type may become imbalanced because of external factors like climate, diet and lifestyle habits or environmental pollution. Hormonal changes may also mask your original skin type.

The Ayurvedic approach to caring for combination skin takes into account environmental and seasonal factors.  

  • Cleanse + Purify

  • Tone + Hydrate

  • Nourish + Rejuvenate

  • Moisturize

Available as a standalone treatment or an add on to an existing healing treatment 

Chakra Balancing with Sukh Nidhan 

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