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Welcome To Chakra Balancing with Sukh Nidhan

Healing from Within

Cleansing and Clearing on your terms

Start where you are, make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting; see what I have to offer you.  Your path to optimal health and vitality starts now. I want to remind all of my clients of their own ability to heal and to take an active role in their own healing process.

In order to reach this goal, I offer a variety of services, all designed to balance the chakras, which are energy wheels within the body. I provide a customized healing prescription based on the symptoms that my client brings forward in their initial consultation. I provide the positive reinforcement through follow up post treatment that is required to make big lifestyle changes.

I offer Kundalini Yoga classes, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Essential Oil Therapy, Reiki Healing and Indian Head Massage to assist you on your healing journey.

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What is the translation of Sukh Nidhan?

Treasure the Peace Within 

Sukh Nidhan is my spiritual name given to me by my Kundalini Yoga community and is said to be the name that my soul answers to.  For so many years I struggled with feeling incomplete and where to turn for help to in defining who I am and what I am I am on this Earth to do? 

Kundalini Yoga filled that void and Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West, shared "you are the storehouse of your own totality, you are complete, all is within you, nothing is outside." 

This was a turning point for me, I had to look within and that is when my life began to change.   

I mediate on my name each morning before I go to work at 5 am.  I have worked in the Corporate world  for the last 25 years years and now am prepared for what unexpected challenges life may present in my work or home life. 

Life is never predictable or easy.   Chakra Balancing with Kundalini Yoga, Crystal healing, Reiki and Essential oil therapy gives me tools in my toolbox to turn to, when life needs an adjustment. I feel more prepared and able to handle the unknown.  I am still in control and connect to the peace within me. 

Love and light to all the children of the universe 

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Healing from within

My Healing Journey 

My own healing journey was unplanned, very painful and was very very slow.  Conventional medicine could not assist me with getting to the root cause for why my skin was literally “falling off.”  What started off as a small spot the size of a dime on the base of one arm, quickly spread all over the rest of my body within a month. My skin would leak liquid throughout the day without its outer layer of collagen protection, so that my clothes would tear the skin away from my body when I attempted to change them at the end of the day and I would bleed for hours after.  

Conventional medicine told me to layer cortisone on my “trouble spots,” but this made no sense to me and it was at this time, that I sought out alternative therapies, including naturopaths and crystal healing and continued with my yoga practice.

I eventually found out from my naturopath, that the infectious mono I had 15 years earlier had been slowly ravaging my internal organs, until I could no longer rid the toxins in my body and they had to come out of my skin; there was no where else for them to go.   It took my body over 2 years to fully recover and I now feel better than I did as a teenager. My physical and emotional health are stronger than ever. I have more energy and have control over what direction my mind chooses and can activate my positive, negative and neutral minds on my terms to manifest the support I need to nature and support my goals.


It was only after embracing surrender as to trying to understand why “me" and why “now”, that my physical body began to heal, making way for my emotional clearing and cleansing.   I have never felt more alive, prepared to meet life’s challenges and so excited about sharing all of these teachings with anyone who is seeking vitality to live in optimal health.


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What is Chakra Balancing?

Window to the Past & Future

Chakras are wheels of energy that are always working. They never stop spinning, and don't get "stuck", but do over the course of our lifespan, spin at different speeds, which in turn affects our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Optimal health will have the 7 Chakra wheels turning at the same rate.   Think of your Chakra system as a garden hose.  Ideally is should lie flat, so that the water does not have to travel through a "kink" in the hose. 

Physical and Emotional imbalances show up first in the Chakra, before they manifest in the present moment.  This is your opportunity to affect your future self and health, by giving your Chakra system the attention it needs before a mental/physical symptom manifests into a larger issues. 

All services that I offer in my Healing Garden will help to recalibrate your Chakra System.   All you have to do is start where you are.  Options include Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Facial

Curious to find out more? Explore more about my services in the online booking tab, or send me an email/text.

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